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tv   Headline News  RT  September 1, 2014 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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russia. school siege in which over three hundred people were killed most of them children we'll bring you the personal accounts. pushing the ukrainian. to protect the local population. that america's billion dollars. is facing security crisis.
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you're watching international coming to you live from moscow it's eleven am in the russian capital it's good to have you with us. now on this day ten years ago the world was horrified by one of the most inhumane terrorist attacks on a school in the south of russia now these are live pictures from a memorial ceremony which is begun in the town of beslan the school was captured by a group of chechen militants who took more than one thousand civilians most of them children and their parents hostage. while it all started in the early morning when people gathered to celebrate the beginning of the academic year the terrorists stormed the building killing eighteen people in the process they placed explosives or all around the school threatening to kill everyone if there was an attempt to free the hostages on the second day the authorities managed to convince the
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attackers to release mothers with babies twenty six people in all the use of force to free the hostages had initially been ruled out but on the third day events took a different turn out around one pm some of the terrorist explosions went off killing many hostages and partially destroying one of the school walls this prompted many of the hostages to try and escape the terrorists opened fire on them killing women and children a few minutes later russian special forces deemed it necessary to move in but by six pm the fighting was over only one terrorist was taken alive all the others had been killed many have been used hostages as human shields most of the hostages were freed but the number of casualties was high with three hundred and thirty four people killed and more than eight hundred injured or lottie's is in beslan now forty international and joins us live the ceremonies are well and truly underway in beslan than. well there well and truly underway over the course of the next three
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days as for today it's pretty much wrapped up all that's left no more crowds but only the memories though the memories are very real they are very raw and in most cases they are very painful of all the several thousand people who were trapped here and the many hundreds of people who died here in beslan and the crowds had been in the square behind me here where as this memorial chapel is being set up they are soliciting donations in order to set up the chapel to help commemorate the events that happened here those ten years ago the crowds walked down this path past what is left of the beslan school that husk of a building behind me and then down into the gym now it doesn't look much like a gym right now but that metal she is actually covering over the original structure of the beslan gym which is where the bulk of activity happened on that fateful day now inside the gym is essentially has
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a was ten years ago it still has the broken floor it still has the pockmarked walls riddled with the bullet holes that were fired inside and he has the memories within the walls covered with the photographs of the many children and the many adults who were slaughtered on that day and now the floor is covered with flowers. people who had set them down there to commemorate the victims the walls are covered with candles as the people set down those candles to commemorate the dead and there were many tears shed and many words of comfort spoken in order to help move past move on find some closure of such a thing as possible from a horrible event even that happened ten years on many of the people who are inside that gym ten years ago didn't make it out alive but many of them also did survive we spoke with two of them. they survived against all law and lead us about it and her two daughters leap through. the base law school siege they were
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among more than a thousand children staff and parents held hostage by heavily armed chechen extremists when a leader and her daughter mina returned for this special commemoration the memories came flooding back much and if you go back to bush right. i animal knew you. know what you were going to get at the by. that chart of god. i think i said it's a lot of key to. terrorist took the hostages to the gym a little later her mother voluntarily entered the building to be with her daughters complain that when they go excluded to vote you have to do you to weigh up what your logic is because all muslim youth adopt not must not see him up to come you. don't want them don't we have the bizarre. when you could bring this knowledge she got. it. yes there you could have them and she. just
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because i do see up in my goal of some of the moments that. they stayed in that gym with her father school principal tara can sit down all through most of the fifty two hour ordeal there is even the key cheat lie cheat it's almost too much you can keep them standpoint should be to put them still no style and you could have that he did not miss just because soon i'm simplifying of the plan you. suddenly snuggle up we point is that you've lost our cans about of i mean his grandfather didn't survive or you see the oh it's all black we did the it the good. years later the blood is gone but the pain remains while the baseline school gym has been cleaned up and turned into a memorial for the victims the school hallways remain virtually untouched since that terrible attack ten years ago the walls still bear the scars of the bullet holes that run from the floor up to the ceiling. a leader even prayed for their own deaths to end their suffering but she and her daughters made it through and haven't
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lost their faith in the future i mean it says the nightmare inspired her to help others and she's studying to become a doctor mattress r.t. special. now for more about this i'm joined by andrea got off from open heavens ministry representatives from your group have been coming here since i understand the tragedy started tell us more about the work that your group does here yes i would like to say a few words that. president of that ministry that's led to. he was here a few days after that tragedy happened and he was helping them and he was here and he saw that and we were watching through the internet and our heart was broken since then you know our heart is part of the our heart is here and. and our help is. to help to recover from psychological trauma
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you know and. those kids who wants. someone kids to have surgeries in the united states and we help them to to do the surgery to stay there and to pay their t. kids back and forth and and so those people who visited the united states they were recovered and we keep in touch with them and we stay very close with them so they're really part of our family and that's why we keep coming here and this tried to g. also touched us so much. and we cannot leave those who are in. those situations where they need help from now tell me about how you help the kids move past this tragedy. what we do we know
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why them do not do united states and we take them to the different places we take them with through the churches they meet a lot of youth and they forget the ball of this and also secretions we try to focus them to the lord that teaches them praying and that a lot of in their lives and a lot of them today are praying and they are praying for us and we are praying for them we pray for a sequel beslan and for people who live here and for people who are you know diversity you know that's touched by the charge but yes the tragedies and so that's how we call them we also come here every year and we have a summer camp for them in the mountains and there is a camping place and four week or two kids can come over there and which
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we teach them athletes with each of them how. called to survive in the you know through the post thread and. we also teach them how to put their fees in and they got right andrea koppel thank you very much for your time. lots of work being done in order to help bring the victims past this tragedy still much more work yet to be done paul. thank you very much much as the reporting in beslan fati international. and we will of course have more coverage of the memorial events today in what i spoke with the only terrorist who survived that day reports. in other news antigovernment forces in eastern ukraine and gradually driving back here after months of mints of cities all over the don't yet going to ganske regions
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local fighters are now carrying out a military operation to protect civilians now they say this area is currently under their control the army is and so called in several locations the faces battle was in the town of every square several hundred ukrainian troops became trapped following a request from president vladimir putin m to govern fighters provided a humanitarian corridor or to allow the soldiers to exit if unarmed said troops would not surrender or fight their way out instead two hundred chose to lay down their arms they say they suffered serious losses because army commanders abandoned them without any reinforcements wallace leo reports. this sound of victory after a week of deadly battles is back in the hands of the anti government feiss ill advised because now completely under our control there will be no mercy i will
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never forgive them for destroying our cities. the smell of death still hangs over the battlefield but. one is brewed in the other one of sorts of pieces they're left them on the field nobody is asking for the spoils of victory made it out we put down their weapons before they did the resistance wrong the result is that we've suffered to come on to give it is in high spirits at headquarters he congratulates his men. about four thousand eight hundred soldiers attacked us this month not more than two hundred of them survived all of their combats quicker than has been destroyed who want to fight us off this. the thirty four year old commander hasn't had a day off since fighting began five months ago we won that fight we stood up for our city even when we had lost twenty percent of the city in four days we took it back . and in the process squashed the role of the ukrainian army sending thousands to
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the streets of kiev to demonstrate against the generals who they say abandoned and betrayed their own main at the end of a hard day of fighting this is where the soldiers come to hang up their guns to renew their energy and to warn the mothers of ukrainian soldiers what their sons are up against. r t l advice eastern ukraine. has been a development in the story of missing russian photojournalist andre stern in a ukrainian soldier whose picture he took in eastern ukraine has written a letter to the reporters mother this image prompted kiev to accuse standing of assisting terrorism by taking a photo of a dead soldier but in fact the fighter is alive as shown by this picture taken just moments later in his letter the soldier writes that he's sorry for what's happened on the stand in wasn't doing anything wrong the real novice news agency photographer disappeared almost a month ago in eastern ukraine country's officials insist they have no information on his whereabouts stan and has also been working for various international media
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outlets including reuters and they pay. iggy. now for years the u.s. has been spending hundreds of billions of dollars on his new killer arsenal but with the spate of scandals surrounding the units responsible for the thousands of warheads and an aging infrastructure questions are being aust over the security of the world's deadliest weapons you can explains. in a field where there is no room for error a series of scandals is haunting the management of land based nuclear missiles earlier this year ninety one officers were implicated in a test cheating scandal it's twenty percent of all officers who are in charge of some of america's deadliest weapons the air force removed the entire chain of command at the base where it happened while investigating those missileers personal cell phones is part of the drug investigation o.s.i.
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agents found test material on them investigations of drug possession by missile officers also made headlines and there was more this week the air force says the entire wing failed a safety and security inspection u.s. led based missile facilities failed safety and security inspections several times in recent years and you both of the air force does not reveal specifics of the failures and insists that the weapons are safe but not everyone is it iis as reports about security breach continue to come in it was one year ago that two nuclear officers were actually breaking security rules because they left an underground command center blast door open that's where you get in actually set off the noose one of the officers actually fell asleep when c.b.s. crew traveled to one of three legged based missile sites in the u.s. they found aging infrastructure and revealed that the man or woman who oversee some of the world's deadliest weapons have trouble you ring what is being said on their
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phones. what is great about them is it. the hearing or is it that you can connect when. i mean you can hear the other person on the other end line sometimes you can dial out which makes it very difficult if you're trying to do your job the obama administration's plans for the u.s. nuclear weapons complex including modernization of bombs and delivery systems will cost the country about three hundred fifty five billion dollars over the next decade but there's something about this story that's important which is that every time the u.s. is about to begin a new cycle of introducing a new generation of nuclear weapons there's always complaints about misconduct faulty weaponry the fact that the united states is legging behind isn't keeping up with world standards and that usually is used as a pretext to accelerate another stage of what was used what used to be called the arms race of course some of the complaints will help the government raise money to
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modernize its nuclear complex but the scandals also show what a challenge it is just to keep the weapons safe in washington i'm going to check out our team. here watching our t. international i'll be back with more news off to a very short break a. different leader in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties have gone to syria in recent months as. this bridge. which is diddy's telling you to go. to go. to syria is going to be something.
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dramas to be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces changing the world right. through picture. from around the globe. look. don't get me. in libya is the most militant so taken by the part of the us embassy which was evacuated a month ago stuff we pulled out increasing lawlessness in the country with rampaging warlords and ammunition seizing control of the country plunged into chaos after
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former leader moammar gadhafi was ousted when a free flow of alms allowed various militant groups to seize power we asked the editor of the pan-african news why what he thinks the situation could be heading. the security situation in libya is becoming even more precarious the united states anticipating that this what happened out pulled out his personnel and drove them to tunisia well i think the united states is trying to figure out which road to take they have a lot at stake their attempts to remake libya in their own image they may decide to utilize some type of military force to get in and sort of a beachhead in libya but this of course will only spark more animosity and more fighting a possible grow war about those who are opposed to the u.s. backed militias inside the country but islamic state fighters have also taken control of huge areas in iraq and syria crossed all panel discuss whether this could make america once again intervene in the middle east. well clearly that has
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been a failed strategy when it comes to syria and iraq how much is obama under pressure to do something as they always say something must be done you look at poll numbers from you know polls taken throughout the country overwhelmingly not in favor of intervention in syria don't want to send troops back to iraq maybe air strikes because they think airstrikes are relatively antiseptic at least to the people in the airplanes out on the ground the choices are all bad you'll go away any take out the islamic state in syria you're helping assad. elsewhere consumers in the e.u. have been on a buying spree after brussels pulled the plug on high powered vacuum cleaners a new initiative aimed at tackling climate change on rising energy costs outlawed some appliances now the rules make all vacuums with motors bigger than six hundred watts illegal even though they could arguably save energy by cleaning faster and it
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doesn't on their and their brussels also plan to ban some head dryers heaters and even kettles critics say the move is a symptom of the nanny state in one way they're paying a token mint to the crees the under flawed concept of global warming and another they're obviously worried about the fact that actually europe doesn't have enough energy to sustain itself and it's currently having a large argument with russia but really deep down what this goes down to is the belief amongst the liberal elite in brussels that they know better what the people should be doing and therefore the freedom to clean your home does not become a victim. brussels is not the state trying to run the whole of europe according to a ridiculous few old dictum of economic decay this is typical of the object insanity that gets going within the european commission and also within particularly the political halls of part brussels news new bowings in terms of where it wants to interfere in people's lives hearts or will they go when it comes
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to the process of capitals hairdryers normal ameena teams that are seen as being perfectly reasonable facets of western society oh they know no bones they will keep going until the point in time when the public says no well we've got plenty more for you online including why day to day jobs could be more dangerous than warfare a report from the un international labor organization finds that more laborers die in factories than soldiers on the world's battlefields the full story is about saying don't call. also there are volcanic eruption in papua new guinea forces people to flee their homes on planes to change their routes you've got all the details on the best pictures for you online. right the sea. search string. and i think that you're.
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on our reporter's twitter. instagram. the world famous web site wiki leaks has given people a safe platform to expose the secrets of government and big business but it's not only whistleblowers who need to stay anonymous activists against poaching who often threatened with violence have created their own site wild links to shed the light on the illegal trade of wild animals r.t. spoke to those behind the international project. wildlife crimes are serious crimes and in many countries there are organized crime networks that are orchestrating these crimes and there's key individuals involved who are very powerful and very influential have a lot of money and they're being protected by. corrupt government officials by politicians or even by corrupt law enforcement officials so for anyone who has
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information about these types of crimes it's incredibly dangerous to just speak out about it and that's why we've created wild leaks it's anonymous and it's safe so it's very safe and easy but it's amazing is that it's anonymous so you remain completely anonymous throughout the process. more news now from around the world and israel has laid claim to a huge trying to land in the west bank paving the way for further settlement construction the move comes despite international calls to hold further expansion into palestinian territory one of the key disputes holding back the peace process. spawning one thousand acres is the largest events. in frogs an apartment building explosion has left at least six people dead in a paris suburb one of the victims was an eight year old girl twelve of the survivors remain severely injured rescue teams are still sifting through the rubble in search of five missing residents officials say the blossoms probably caused by
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a gas leak. swedish media is reporting a possible case of. stockholm hospital to a man who recently traveled to high risk areas in isolation last week the first case of the deadly virus was confirmed in senegal almost fifteen hundred deaths have been recorded in the demick which are spread across west africa so the. next. few minutes with cross talk but for those of you watching in britain our documentary is coming up to terrorists.
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in. the fifty's the. economic ups and downs in the final months day of the london deal sank night and the rest of the. take it will be every week on flaming. keep. the media leave us so we leave the media. the same motion superiorly place your party years ago. where suze that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . the pledge was terrible they
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come up very hard to take out a letter to get along here is a plot that never had sex with the target their lives let alone. listen to a mother. of a. do we speak your language of the will or not of the. news programs and documentaries
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and spanish what matters to you breaking news i want to turn to defang gold's story . for you here. in troy altie spanish to find out more visit. hello and welcome to crossfire for all things considered on people of well here we go again we're told the islamic state terrorist group is the worst of the worst and has global ambitions the public is being taught slowly but surely to fear the islamic state it would appear washington continues to attempt to shape in reshape the middle east.
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to cross-talk the islamic state i'm joined by my guest jobber husain in london he is director of the iraqi association also in london we have joseph willits he is from the council for arab british understanding and in washington we crossed ray locker he is the washington enterprise editor for usa today right gentlemen cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want ray if i go to you in washington we have the u.s. defense secretary saying the islamic state threat beyond anything we've seen is it really of this magnitude here because we've heard this before about other groups and the march toward go ahead ray in washington. well we have a history of doing that i mean the government as we saw that two thousand and three with saddam hussein in iraq saying he had weapons of mass destruction he didn't we invaded anyway and now all of the rest of the world wonders about our credibility however we had an attack on nine eleven thirteen years ago they kill.


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